Alamein Ward Traffic Measures 2014 Consultation

A statutory consultation is proposed for a scheme to improve the movement of pedestrians and vehicles on some roads in Alamein ward. This includes roads near Endeavor School and Smannell Road in East Anton, on and near Roman Way and King Arthurs’s Way in Andover.

The number of cars parked on these roads has led to regular complaints about the difficulty in using them, particularly so for vulnerable road users and large vehicles that serve the local community.

These roads were designed for the safe movement of traffic with sufficient space for all types of vehicles to pass at an appropriate speed and allow occasional parking.

The scheme proposes to restore this function by introducing:

Parking restrictions in East Anton on Smannell Road, East Anton Farm Road, Cheviot Road, including its junctions to side roads and a short length on Sunflower Way.

  • Only access for cyclists and pedestrians on Romney Road east of Herdwick Road.
  • Short length of parking restriction on Ickneild Way at its junction with Venice Court (south).
  • Parking restrictions in Roman Way and next to the former Shepherds Spring School, Smannell Road.
  • Parking restrictions in King Arthur’s Way near Knights Enham Schools and at key junctions in Camelot/Launcelot and Tintagel Close.

Visit the TEST VALLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL WEBSITE for  more details and drawings of the proposed parking restriction for these areas.

For Instructions on how to comment on the proposals are on the Test Valley Borough Council web page.

All formal representations on the proposals must be made in writing and state the grounds on which they are made and be received by Friday, 27 June 2014. Formal representations need to be sent to The Head of Legal and Democratic Services, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3BJ or email